Love is no Game

    Chapter 1~Traveling Home

    The last time Faith was at the top of this mountain she prayed that God deliver her where she should be.  She trusted her Father and listens to Him when He shows her signs and gently speaks to her.  This time at the top of the mountain she was feeling the same way but in a much more matured way.  She understood that she was moving in a new direction and that love is no game.  Relationships and love was on her mind while traveling home this time.  She loved her family and friends unconditionally and couldn’t wait to see them.  There was definitely peace in her valley this day.



    Chapter 2~Rose & Faith

    I pulled into the lot and saw Rose’s car. I parked near her grabbed my bag and headed in the door. I immediately saw Rose waving from the other side of the bar area. I nodded my head in the direction of Rose to the hostess and made my way through the restaurant to meet her. The music was rather loud but this place seemed to have the atmosphere of home, joy and happiness. I was sure that I would run into someone I knew, being home and all. One thing I loved was the country and even though I had been living on the water for the past 7 years it sure was nice to be home in the mountains for a visit.

    Chapter 3~Jordan & Edward

    We have less than a week and Faith will be returning from her home town. She has her assignment and I’m hoping that she will be able to manage it without messing up and potentially losing the account.  Eddie why would you even think this?  You do remember why we partnered with Faith in the first place, don’t you? Yes, Nate presented us a deal we couldn’t turn away from. The money he paid us to take his accounts but only if Faith was his accountant. We had to accept the deal with no questions asked and we were never to repeat the deal with anyone, ever. You and I both know his wealth but Faith has no clue.

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