Meet~Faith Lane

         The Color Red will be taking you on a Journey that will never end.  This Journey is eternal and will always be everlasting.  What started will never end in a blink of an eye but will continue forever.  For time is space and will exist evermore.  This will be explained through the eyes of a young lady as a child into adulthood.  What she dreamed turned into reality one day at a time.  Only few will understand growing up with dreams and goals.  Then people taking those dreams away time after time.  Until one day Faith learns how to never let anyone or anything ever rob her of Joy & Peace ever again.

         Faith Lane will take you through the Valley over a 50 miles radius and sometimes beyond.  Always staying close to home, though her heart and soul will travel millions of miles away.  There will be times of disappointment, sadness regrets.  Until  One Day...Peace is found in the Valley.  Home she  will learn is where the heart is, where truly the heart is!

         Moving slowly through the days and hours you will see that one Lady with a purpose finds purpose in the most peculiar places.  Lanny will make you laugh and smile and there will be times Faith will make you down right, feel like you want to rip your heart out for her.  Like the multiple feelings she will bring to you, she will also bring you multiple personalities.  Till one day it ALL becomes one.  You will also learn what this One Lady truly ever wanted out of life and you may ask yourself...The Color Red, yes... The Color Red.

         Grab the reigns and enjoy the Journey~Always Mandy



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