The Color Red

    Chapter 1


         Lanny spent her first four years of life with grandma and granddaddy. Years she will never forget. You think children can't remember. Not true, their minds are developing and molding more in these years than anyone can imagine. After the four years the grandparents would part ways and she would learn of losing, moving and starting over at a very young age.


         So hang on to the reins here we go. There will be times we will gallop. There will be times we trod. Then there will be the times we are just like a race horse. If you dare come along and it's your choice...ride with a saddle or go bareback. The choice is all yours. Because life is about choices.


         Makeover what you can't do over to be over what you can't get over~

    Chapter 2

         Far from the fairy tale that was read to her every night by her grandmother, she would learn that life, well it wasn't going to be easy but it would all be worth it in the end. The eternity she would learn about in depth, each year she grew older and the knowledge from darkness into the light would be brighter than she every dreamed possible.

    Chapter 3

         She sprung up and flung the blankets off her. In her nightgown and no shoes she hurried down the steps, hung a sharp left and out the back door, that was never locked. She ran as fast as she could toward the barn not stopping, sprinting like it was her last race.

    Chapter 4


         Lanny approaches the barn quickly but softly and quiet. She peers through the barn door where Shay is receiving his exam by Doc. Lanny drops her head, closes her eyes and prays. Lanny doesn't even realize at this age that she is even praying.

         All of sudden Shay raises his head and lets out the longest Neighhhh, Lanny runs through the door. Doc said, "WOW...this is a great sign!"  "His heart is not in the best condition but that showed a sign of strength."  "There is more than love in this heart, he has a great spirit."  Granddaddy asked Lanny “Does your Grandma know where you are?” Lanny continued to receive many kisses from Shay has he bent over to greet her smiling face that was looking up to him. She didn't answer, instead acted as though she didn't hear him. She knew this would land her in trouble later.

    Chapter 5

         Grandfather shaking his head, stands up from the table and headed toward the door.  Lanny thought she even saw a tear, she had never seen her granddaddy cry.  Lanny ran to the door that just slammed behind him.  She watched as granddaddy walked across the field, it seemed like he was walking forever.  He finally reached the barn and went in.

         Lanny stood for a moment, waiting, knowing if he came back out quickly then something was wrong.  He didn't come back out.  Lanny turned and looked at her grandma who was crying.  Lanny said “It's going to be okay, I promise.”  “I need to have faith.”  Grandma wondered where this child came up with all her wisdom and strength.  How could this child always be the one to console everyone and at such a young age. 

    Chapter 6

         Grandfather was a simple but complicated man. He didn't have feelings for other people. Kind of a harsh man and grumpy. Lanny would think it was the military that did this to him. At this time, that is all she had to go on because that is what she kept hearing come out of others mouths. He always was kind to Lanny but strict. Lanny could even tell he treated her different then he did the others. Was she a princess? She would ask her self this, smile and giggle to herself.


         The thunder continued to crash and the lighting was up the sky. Lanny always went to the window to watch when there was a storm. It continued to get worse so they turned off all the electronics and unplugged them. Now they sit in the dark and the big picture window gave way for Lanny to watch her storm. Lanny always thought of anything natural as hers. The sun, wind, snow, flowers anything of nature, belongs to Lanny. She loved all the elements of GODS nature.


         Grandma lighted a candle so there would be light to sit by. They talked about the phone call that had come in and Lanny could tell it was leading to an argument. When Lanny was around and this would happen. Lanny would go off into her imaginary life.

    Chapter 7

         Shay had took a chance with Lanny's life jumping that fence but God led him to do it. This time his choice would be different. He would return them home on the safe path. The path they both knew, pure and safe. He loved her small framed body and wished it no harm, ever. He would always guard her from harm as long as he could. They rode off into the sunset toward home. Lanny hugged Shay tight and held on with both hands. She kissed his mane softly with the Bible laying between them. Their hearts were beating between the pages of the one true love.

    Chapter 8

         Night ended like so many other things that were getting ready to take place and end. Lanny will learn how to grow up real quick from this day forward. She is four now and to many she seemed so much older, like seven. Not that seven is old by any means but to a four year old it is. The maturity is definitely instilled in her. Folks in the coming days would see her strength and some even would understand her, understand her faith and would begin to think more of her as Faith. Of course the closest to her would keep thinking of her as Little Lanny, which for now she is okay with.

    Chapter 9

         Lanny is learning at a very young age that unfortunate things take place and people don't always have a say in certain matters. Matters of death and of someones heart. Once more Lanny would stand tall and do what was needed to be done, accepting what she couldn't change. She didn't want to take sides or want anyone to make her feel any certain way. She loved her grandparents and didn't understand why they couldn't love one another. All they ever do is argue and have mean things to say to one another. Granddaddy spends most of his time outdoors and grandma is inside. You would think after all the years they lived apart, while he was in the Navy and out to sea, that their hearts would have grown fonder, not further apart. This is not the case for these two. Now the more they were together, the worse it was getting.

    Chapter 10

         Lanny has a homework assignment that she started after school. It wasn't going to take her long because she had done the hard part already. She loved the second grade and her teacher. She always strives to do her very best. Her teacher gave extra time at the library or added recess time for the ones that “Aced” their homework assignments. It was up to each student what they wanted for their extra awarded time. Lanny always chose extra time at the library. Not that she liked being quiet and not talking but she just loved going into that room. It was like a whole other world to her. It was as though the books would jump off the shelf and she would open them and she would be in a new adventure each time. So Lanny knowing how this made her feel she worked extra hard on this assignment. She had to draw a picture and then right a short story about the picture. Drawing wasn't easy for Lanny but writing came like a natural art. She believed she had aced this assignment and would earn her extra time tomorrow in the library. HOT DANG!!! Lanny thought~while smiling!

    Chapter 11

         Lanny's mom arrived to pick her up from school. Mom talked with the office personnel and then they left. Mom was glad to see Lanny and smiled at her and said, “What in the world was you thinking?” Lanny replied, “You wasn't there to pick me up and I needed to be at the other school within a half an hour. I thought I was helping, by getting myself where I needed to be.” “Lanny, the only thing I can say is, next time don't assume. I was on my way, yes I was running just a little late, but you would have made it to the school on time. You have to learn to slow down and trust. Slow and steady can and will always win the the race. Today you can see that speed doesn't win.” Mom said.

    Chapter 12

         Lanny thought about what dad said to her and where exactly would she end up in life. She didn't really know what she wanted to do in life. She loved music and being outdoors. Neither of what she would think would make her any money. These were just things she like to do to pass the time away. Church was a big part of Lanny's life but she didn't really see herself being as smart as the teachers or preacher at Church. So Lanny just kept going to school and doing what was expected of her to do. Make decent grades and graduate.

    Chapter 13

         His eyes were different from the other guys and Lanny knew when they talked with one another they spoke the truth between each other, she could see it in his eyes. The day he gave her the necklace he told her she had beautiful deep eyes and she was a special one. He bent down kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear.  "You belong to another, always. He will find you. You will know when he does."  A few saw the kiss and rumors rampaged like wild fire through the school.

    Chapter 14 

    Lanny went in the locker room and sat on the bench before showering. Pulled her gym bag out of the locker and pulled out her devotional book that she reads daily. Normally she would have read it first thing in the morning, while praying but she was in such a hurry she threw it in her gym bag before leaving the hotel room. Sitting there in the quiet she read her daily reading. After reading she thought to herself, interesting...keep going, keep growing, and be strong!


    “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

    Chapter 15



    Tangled up in the covers and head under the pillow, Faith fell out of the bed trying to get up. She hit the floor hard, fast and rolling.  Once untangled from the covers she managed to crawl back over to the nightstand she grabs the alarm and turns it off. Blinking her eyes several times she looks at the clock. 6:00 A.M. It can't be! “Omgosh, WHAT...I set the dang alarm for the time I am suppose to be in the gym, not get up. Where was my head last night?"

    Chapter 16

    “Alice Town it is! Lets go and we need to move quick.” Mark said. “Well if this isn't where you want to go.” Faith said. Without hesitation Mark grabbed Faiths hand and pulled her out the door. “Lets go Faith, we can't waste another moment.” Mark dashes out the door and runs down to catch the elevator. "This is going to take to long.  Come on Faith to the stairwell.” “Really Mark the stairs this early?” “Yes there will be plenty of time for rest, now hurry.” Faith followed the instructions and wondered since it was so early what in the world could be so pressing they had to run.


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